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The HEDLP FESAC Subcommittee solicits community input to help develop the guidance it will supply. The input can be general comments on HED physics and/or input on the topics and structure of the workshop.

Comments on HED physics can include, but are not limited to, definitions of HED conditions, exciting areas of HED physics, especially emerging ones, areas that do not seem to have much promise, and long-term opportunities in the field.

To prepare for the workshop, the HEDLP panel needs to develop a framework for the different areas within HEDLP. For this purpose, the panel has developed a PRELIMINARY classification in themes and categories as stated in the home page. Please, provide your input on the classification proposed by the panel.

There are two ways for the HEDLP community to provide input to the FESAC sub-panel.

  1. Contributing to the Workshop on August 25-27 (details will soon be available)
  2. Completing the template for input-request and e-mailing it to Mrs. Margaret Kyle at mkyl@lle.rochester.edu. All the replies will be posted on this web site.

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