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F. Beg (University of California San Diego)
R. Betti (University of Rochester) (Chair)
R. Davidson (Princeton University)
R. P. Drake (University of Michigan)
R. Falcone (University of California at Berkeley)
D. Hammer (Cornell University)
G. Logan (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)
M. Knudson (Sandia National Laboratory)
D. Meyerhofer (University of Rochester)
D. Montgomery (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
W. Mori (University of California Los Angeles)
M. Murnane (University of Colorado)
R. Petrasso (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
B. Remington (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
D. Ryutov (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
R. Siemon (University of Nevada)
J. Sethian (Naval Research Laboratory)

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