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Rochester, NY March 7-10, 2011
International Workshop on ICF Shock Ignition, 8–10 March 2011
Author File File Type Size
Betti, R. Overview 2.1 MB
Hohenberger, M Magnetic Flux Compression Experiments on OMEGA 1 MB
Key, M Status of FI point design development at LLNL 7.3 MB
Ren, C PIC Simulations on Laser-Pre-plasma Interactions for the Integrated Fast Ignition Experiments on Omega 2.1 MB
Sentoku, Y Ionization modeling in PICLS 4.2 MB
Solodov, A. Electron Collimation via Resistivity Gradients 2.1 MB
Theobald, W. Integrated Fast-Ignition Core-Heating Experiments on OMEGA 3.1 MB
Tonge, J. FSC Meeting 4.2 MB
Wei, M Experimental study of dependence of laser energy coupling and fast electron source on target material and laser prepulse 7.3 MB

Livermore, CA August 4-6, 2010
Author File File Type Size
Betti, R. Overview 1.7 MB
Betti, R. Final Report 213 KB
Anderson, K. S. A Plastic-Ablator Shock-Ignition Design for NIF 316 KB
Chawla, S. Investigation of the Dependence of Laser Absorption and Energy Coupling on Solid Target Composition 5.4 MB
Chen, S. Bremsstrahlung measurements of electron divergence 1.1 MB
Ridgers, C., Sherlock, M., Kingham, R., Evans, R. Interpreting angular divergence measurements 774 KB
Hohenberger, M. Magnetic-Flux-Compression Experiments on OMEGA 2.8 MB
Honrubia, JJ. and Debayle, A. Effects of Electron Divergence on Minimum Energy Required for Ignition 5.8 MB
Kemp, A. Review of PIC simulations of electron divergence in fast ignition 4.4 MB
Li, C. K. The MIT group is implementing nuclear diagnostics on the NIF to support the Drive-symmetry,
Implosion-dynamics and implosion performance campaigns
1.7 MB
Li, C. K. Proton Radiography of X-ray-Driven ICF Implosions 1.9 MB
Patel, P. Fast Ignition Point Design 11.6 MB
Perkins, L. J. Prospects for High-Gain Shock-Ignition Targets on the National Ignition Facility in the Near Term 10.3 MB
Ren, C. Laser Channeling and Hole-Boring for Fast Ignition 4.4 MB
Robinson, A. P. L. Guiding Fast Electrons Using Resistivity Gradients to Generate Magnetic Fields 4.8 MB
Schumacher, D. Simulations: Close to current Titan parameters. Here's the big picture... 410 KB
Sentoku, Y. Transport of MA electron currents in ultrafast heated conducting solids 2.2 MB
Solodov, A. The effects of self-generated magnetic fields on electron divergence 908 KB
Stevens, R. B. Electron Transport in Warm Dense Matter 1.3 MB
Storm, M. Review of electron beam divergence for Fast Ignition 4.2 MB
Strozzi, D. J. The effects of electron divergence on the point design 952 KB
Theobald, W. Fast-Ignition Integrated Experiments on OMEGA 1.2 MB
Theobald, W. Laser-Plasma Interaction Experiments at Shock-Ignition relevant Intensities 660 MB
Tonge, J. Recent OSIRIS results on fast ignition simulations and new hybrid framework 5.9 MB
Van Woerkom, L. D. Preliminary Results from Titan Divergence Measurements 1.3 MB
Yabuuchi, T. Systematic fast electron transport study on OMEGA EP
4 MB

San Diego, CA August 4-5, 2007
Author File File Type Size
Betti Overview of the FSC and Action Items 2.1 MB
Betti Shock ignition and Fast Ignition hydro-experiments on OMEGA 688 KB
Cowan 6th Meeting of Fusion Science Center for Excellence for Extreme States of Matter and Fast Ignition Physics (Part 1) 1.2 MB
Cowan 6th Meeting of Fusion Science Center for Excellence for Extreme States of Matter and Fast Ignition Physics (Part 2) 221 KB
Ditmire Update on the Texas Petawatt Laser Facility 3.1 MB
Ditmire Update on FSC Activities at the U. of Texas: Laser interactions with nanoscale targets 17.0 MB
Li Monoenergetic proton radiography of cone-in-shell capsule implosions and laser-plasma interactions 1.8 MB
Meyerhofer Preparations for Integrated Cryogenic Fast-Ignition Experiments on OMEGA/OMEGA EP 2.5 MB
Meyerhofer OMEGA EP Update 6.2 MB
Nilson Fast Electron Generation During High Intensity Laser-Solid Interactions In The Refluxing Limit 1.3 MB
Ren Laser Channeling in mm-scale Underdense Plasmas of Fast Ignition Targets 5.2 MB
Sentoku UNR activities in FSC 401 KB
Solodov Fluid+PIC Integrated Simulations Using LSP+DRACO 166 KB
Stephens Creation of warm dense matter and electron Transport through it 4.3 MB
Tonge PIC Simulation of Electron Transport to Dense Core with Ultra-High Intensity Ignition Laser 8.3 MB
Wei Benchmark Modeling of Electron Beam Transport in Nail and Wire Experiments Using Three Independent PIC Codes 2.9 MB

Chicago, IL Februrary 28th, 2007
Author File Type Size
Anderson 2-D Simulations of OMEGA Fast-Ignition Cone Targets 3.6 MB
Beg Electron Transport Experiments 11.5 MB
Betti Fast-Ignition Fuel-Assembly: Theory and Experiments 1 MB
Betti Shock ignition of thermonuclear fuel with high areal density 1 MB
Cowan NTF Status, Cone Target Physics 4.3 MB
Van Waerkom Proposed ILSA/FSC Expt. Aug. 2007 540 KB
Ditmire Update on FSC Activities at the U. of Texas: Laser interactions with micro-cone targets 17.1 MB
Li Monoenergetic proton radiography of laser-plasma interactions and capsule implosions 2.2 MB
Mackinnon Update on LLNL FI activities on the Titan Laser 3.7 MB
Nilson Measurements of Fast-Electron Generation and Transport In Thin-Foil Targets 1.4 MB
Ren Channeling in the Corona of Fast Ignition Targets 5 MB
Sentoku UNR activities in FSC 2.7 MB
Solodov PW energy required for ignition 672 KB
Tonge PIC Simulation of Electron Transport to Dense Core with High Intensity Ignition Laser 10 MB

Livermore, CA August 28-29, 2006
Author File File Type Size
Betti Overview of the FSC and Action Items 144 KB
Betti Fast Ignition Fuel Assembly (Theory and Experiments) 800 BB
Betti Updates on shock ignition 336 KB
Ditmire The UT short pulse facility 35.8 MB
Ditmire The UT fast electron generation experiments 12.9 MB
Key Updates on RAL and Titan experiments 2.1 MB
Li Magnetic Field Measurements in FI implosions 1.9 MB
Meyerhofer Status and prospects for OMEGA/OMEGA 6.3 MB
Mori OSIRIS code development and FI simulations (No movies) 14.8 MB
Moses Fast Ignition at LLNL 7.2 MB
Patel The TITAN short pulse facility 3.0 MB
Ren Hole boring simulations for OMEGA EP 6.1 MB
Sentoku Integrated PICLS simulations 6.7 MB
Solodov Hydrodynamic FI simulations 624 KB
Stephens Latest results on the FSC electron-transport experiments and simulations 3.1 MB
Stephens Updates on FI target fabrication 2.2 MB
Van Waerkom The OSU short-pulse laser facility 1.5 MB

Rochester, NY January 26-27, 2006
Author File File Type Size
Betti Overview 2.3 MB
Betti Fuel Assembly: Theory and Experiments 2 MB
Cowan Capabilities of the new UNR Multi-Terawatt laser and Z-pinch facility 11.5 MB
Ditmire Update on FSC Activities at the U. o fTexas: Laser interactions with cone and micro-sphere targets 23.5 MB
Li Energy Deposition of MeV Electrons in Compressed Fast-Ignition Targets 448 KB
Li Electron-Transport Task Force report on studying the feasibility of electron stopping experiments 456 KB
Meyerhofer Update on cone-target experiments 1.8 MB
Pasley OSU/UCSD/GA Experimental Program 5.4 MB
Ren A Global Simulation for Laser Driven MeV Electrons in Fast Ignition 3.9 MB
Sentoku Integrated Fast Ignition Simulations 4.1 MB
Solodov Simulation of Plasma Wakefields and Weibel Instability of Electron Beams in Plasma Using Codes LSP and OSIRIS 4.5 MB
Solodov Collisional Model in LSP. Simulation of Collisional Slowing Down of Relativistic Electrons in Plasma 168 KB
Stephens Targets for Benchmark Experiments 520 KB
Tonge PIC Simulation of Fast Ignition Targets with OSIRIS 1.8 MB
Wei Modeling the benchmark experiments 236 KB
Woerkom Diagnostics for Benchmarking Experiments 540 KB
Zhou Shock Fast-Ignition of Thermonuclear Fuel with High Areal Density 464 KB

San Diego, CA June 1-2, 2005
Author File File Type Size
Betti Introduction 520 KB
Betti Fuel Assembly for Fast Ignition and Shock Fast-Ignition 1.8 MB
Betti Summer School in HEDP August 7-13 2005 108 KB
Ditmire Fusion Science Center Research at UT: Hot electron and x-ray generation from cone shaped targets 6.6 MB
Li MIT participation in the FSC research program 1.1 MB
Mori UCLA Plans 04-06 332 KB
Pasley Future Projects in the Fusion Energy Arena 332 KB
Sentoku UNR/NTF activities for Fast Ignition 2.3 MB
Stephens Implosion hydrodynamics of fast ignition targets 952 KB

Cambridge, MA September 24th, 2004
Author File File Type Size
Betti Outline 100 KB
Key LLNL activities relevant to collaboration with the FSC 32 KB
Meyerhofer University of Rochester FSC Workplan for FY2005 820 KB
Petrasso MIT work plan for fast electron stopping in dense and astrophysical plasmas and in DD/DT ice 52 KB
Stephens GA workplan 140 KB

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