UR Fusion Science Center

10th Meeting of the Fusion Science Center for Extreme States of Matter

Rochester, NY March 7-10, 2011
International Workshop on ICF Shock Ignition, 8–10 March 2011
Author File File Type Size
Betti, R. Overview 2.1 MB
Hohenberger, M Magnetic Flux Compression Experiments on OMEGA 1 MB
Key, M Status of FI point design development at LLNL 7.3 MB
Ren, C PIC Simulations on Laser-Pre-plasma Interactions for the Integrated Fast Ignition Experiments on Omega 2.1 MB
Sentoku, Y Ionization modeling in PICLS 4.2 MB
Solodov, A. Electron Collimation via Resistivity Gradients 2.1 MB
Theobald, W. Integrated Fast-Ignition Core-Heating Experiments on OMEGA 3.1 MB
Tonge, J. FSC Meeting 4.2 MB
Wei, M Experimental study of dependence of laser energy coupling and fast electron source on target material and laser prepulse 7.3 MB

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