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Review 159

    Inertial Confinement Fusion
    • The Effect of Cross-Beam Energy Transfer on Target Offset Asymmetry in Directly Driven Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions
    • Wavelength-Detuning Cross-Beam Energy Transfer Mitigation Scheme for Polar Direct Drive on SG-III
    • Direct-Drive Double-Shell Implosion: A Platform for Burning-Plasma Physics Studies
    • Density Measurements of the Inner Shell Release
    • The Role of Baroclinicity in the Kinetic Energy Budget

    Plasma and Ultrafast Physics
    • Investigation of Picosecond Thermodynamics in a Laser-Produced Plasma Using Thomson Scattering
    • Measurement and Control of Ionization Waves of Arbitrary Velocity in the Quasi-Far Field
    • Photon Acceleration in a Flying Focus
    • Evolution of the Electron Distribution Function in the Presence of Inverse Bremsstrahlung Heating and Collisional Ionization

    High-Energy-Density Physics
    • Crystalline Phase Transitions and Vibrational Spectra of Silicon up to Multi-TPa Pressures

    Diagnostic Science and Detectors
    • Inferred UV Fluence Focal-Spot Profiles from Soft X-Ray Pinhole Camera Measurements on OMEGA

    Materials Science
    • Magnetically and Optically Tunable Terahertz Radiation from Ta/NiFe/Pt Spintronic Nanolayers Generated
      by Femtosecond Laser Pulses

    Laser Technology and Development
    • Investigation of Mechanisms of Laser-Induced Secondary Contamination from Metal Particles Attached on the Input Surface of Optical Components

    National Laser Users' Facility and External Users' Program
    • The 11th Omega Laser Facility Users Group Workshop

    Education and Outreach
    • The Optics Suitcase: An Educational Outreach Tool for Inspiring Careers in Light

    Target Engineering and Research
    • Measurement for Palladium Hydride and Palladium Deuteride Isotherms Between 130 K and 393 K
    • A Thin-Alumina Film as a Tritium Adsorption Inhibitor for Stainless-Steel 316

    Laser Facility Report
    • FY19 Q3 Laser Facility Report

    Publications and Conference Presentations
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Department of Energy Report

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